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We have put an offer together for racers to offer you a good quality alumiuim ID tag, required by the ACU to race.

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ACU require :-Name and Date of Birth on every riders tag.

Additional info such as,
Blood Group
Emergency contact number (I.C.E)
Next of Kin
Medical Requirments,
Can all be added to your tag.

Silver now back in stock.

The tag we have chosen is 55mmx28mm.
Upto 7 lines of information can be placed on each tag.

All Tags now engraved on boths sides free.

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Standard Tag
Name and Date of Birth 4.75
Each Additional Line of Text 0.50
Neck Chain 24" 1.00
ID Tag Silencer 1.00

Tags Available in



Neck Chain in SILVER ONLY
Silencers in BLACK ONLY

 To Order :-
 Paula Bayley
 16 Lime Graove
 WN8 8ET
 Cheques made payable to P.BAYLEY

 You may also pay by paypal to

 All prices include postage within UK.
 Good engraved and sent within 48 Hours of order.

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A smaller budget tag has been added to the range that is available now.
Only in
BLUE and RED at present but if required SILVER is also available.
These budget tags are 5.00 including neck chain and postage with NAME and D.O.B. only. No room for additional info on these tags.
No silencer is available with this tag.
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Please enclose or attach all text that you require on your Tag.
All spelling and text will used from supplied info, please make sure it is correct.

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Last Updated 17/03/2009
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